Startup Mentorship

You're starting a company, perhaps for the first time, and searching for answers. Some might call their close friend or a relative for advice. Others will search for independent advice, a knowledgeable individual, and discover this page.

As a knowledgeable individual I can discuss any aspect of your business based on your needs and experience, whether you're new startup or planning your latest project, this service will help plan the road ahead.

Here's how it works:

  • First, book the service and schedule a convenient time

  • We'll setup a Skype Call and together set an agenda based on your needs

You can pick any number of topic(s), here are some suggestions if you aren't sure where to start:

  • Implementation best practices; how to save time and money running your business; look at your ideas from different perspectives

  • Develop a business canvas for your startup; understanding your target customer is key; you don't want to hit a bullseye on the wrong target

  • Develop a "User Aquisition Strategy" for your business; a healthy allocation of resources for your startup business - allocate 70-90 of your time and capital on acquiring your target customer and 10-30% on technology. You don't want an expensive lesson and business that no one will use

  • A brainstorming workshop to flush out your strategy and ideas

With over thirty years in the software industry I bring you experiences from many perspectives.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I use Shartribe's marketplace in two of my own businesses;

Not sure yet, send me a message with your details and we can setup a no obligation Skype session. Afterward you can decide if this is the right mentorship program for you.

Prices are in $USD


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Remote Support
On Premise
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