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Rex's message - We are all in this together!

I think to start off I need to acknowledge that a lot has changed in our world since COVID19 struck; confinement; economies are in crisis impacting everyone globally regardless of geography, nationality, political affiliation, religion or race.

So let's be strong for one another, be safe and most importantly protect our most vulnerable. For me, I have loved ones in other countries, who overnight, became impossible to reach ... overnight … :(

As they say, the show must go on, and for me with a new purpose. My purpose, for the foreseeable future and leaving it open to change, Business Cas' is dedicating e each episode to supporting people and business through the COVID crisis, and here's a look at what we're streaming next:

Coming up ...

"Creating your re-open plan"

"How to re-open your business with COVID19 restrictions"

"How to re-open and keep people safe"

"How to plan for the next crisis or outbreak"

Thank you for visiting and the follows, I really appreciate it!

If you have something to say to the public, be my guest on Business Cas', check out my Announcement below for details … Be safe everyone


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