Cloud Consultancy and DevOps

I am a highly skilled, experienced and a certified AWS Solution Architect and SysOps Administrator with more than 15 years’ experience working with leading IT and Telecom organizations around the world, and successfully delivered a number of high profile and mission critical solutions in both legacy and cloud infrastructure.

Now, as a consultant for a leading UK charity organization Digital Transformation project, where I am delivering, supporting and guiding my client on all technical aspects of their project in scope. I am also leading the initiative to migrate their solutions to a containerization deployment on AWS Managed Kubernetes Service using Jenkins and Spinnaker for CI and CD. Prior to this role, I was working in a Data Analytics start-up organization where I lead the end to end technical division and was responsible for the deployment(s), optimization and support for their solution.

I have a demonstratable track record of delivering high quality solution with main emphasis on automation and documentation from scratch. My ultimate goal is “to get rid of own job by using automation”

o AWS Cloud Infrastructure and Solutions
o DevOps and Automation
o Infrastructure as a Code
o Containerization of applications
o Kubernetes, EKS and Docker
o Jenkins for CI/CD Pipelines
o Terraform for infrastructure automation
o Ansible for configuration automation
o Proficient in shell scripting
o Team management, leadership and development

o End to end infrastructure design and implementation of a test environment for a financial industry customer meeting the required standards for the security compliance and performance delivery following AWS best practices guidelines
o Successfully lead and delivered PCI Compliance of IT digital program from technical perspective for a leading UK charity organization
o Leading a digital transformation program to migrate multiple customer facing applications and internal portals running on AWS EC2 instances into Amazon Managed Kubernetes Services EKS. The project also includes fully automated CI and CD pipelines using Jenkins as CI tool and Spinnaker as CD tool.
o Successfully delivered a solution for a fully automated Zero Downtime continuous deployments for a leading marketplace solution for musicians and bands
o Development of a Zero Downtime continuous deployment solution for a Java based application and mobile app that provides real time information for its customer
o Multiple successful project deliveries for infrastructure optimization including performance, cost and reliability
o Multiple successful project deliveries for a number of Tier-1 mobile operators around the world in core telecom applications

Type of Service:
Remote Support
On Premise
Years of experience I have with ShareTribe's MarketPlace? : 4