Two communities with one common purpose, safe online booking of people and solutions

We've revamped our marketplace since COVID-19 and we are 100% dedicated to helping freelancers and business owners respond and recover from the pandemic crisis, and their re-opening safely.

Our live entertainment space has been hit the hardest, the entire industry is now on hold. We have dedicated this space to supporting artists through the crisis, so, to support live artists, we are setting up to provide live streaming services "Free" ... check back soon, we hope to have this setup quickly.

Our Communities

Our Virtuoso community of artists is dedicated to entertainment, and who doesn't need a little entertainment these days; Our yoyakka community is dedicated to people and solutions for business.

Booking solutions, people, equipment and spaces in either community with our 100% guarantee that the marketplace will back your booking! Our online bookings have been verified and are setup to receive payments through a secure payment provider with a guarantee that we do not release payments until the service has been delivered, successfully. 

Do you have equipment, service or solutions that you'd like offered to the public? Setup for online booking and payment in minutes.  


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Our marketplace promotes every day on social media; live entertainment and book online

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We use e-trusted and secure partners to conduct our online business

Whatever the marketplace, if talented people are given resources, they're going to keep driving us to having better, simpler, cheaper solutions to problems.

by  Dean Kamen

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