Using an open source marketplace is a smart choice to reduce software and development costs. Find open-source resources and solutions for your marketplace project.

Find developers, designers and solution architects to take your marketplace to the next level? Find Ruby resources and solutions that reduce your time to market.

Leverage cloud computing to reduce cost, scale and automate devops - Find cloud resources and solutions.

Freelancer Space

Are you ready to start freelancing ... yoyakka is searching for people and solutions to offer our users 

If you're a freelancer or maybe you've developed a cool tool or solution, we are free to join and we offer the lowest services fees in the market at 5% when using our secure payment gateway.

What's your niche?  open-source marketplace, Java, Ruby, Amazon Web Services,  Google, Heroku? 

Your Ideation Space

Unsure if your idea is ready for prime time ... We're developing a number of subscription services to deploy your business in minutes with more options to suit your marketplace and brand.


We'll have more to announce in November ... we've just up the anti.


Meet and connect with others in the industry.


Our marketplace promotes every day on social media; Profiles, Posts, People and Equipment for Hire.

Secure and Trusted

We use industry trusted secure partners to conduct our online business.

Whatever the marketplace, if talented people are given resources, they're going to keep driving us to having better, simpler, cheaper solutions to problems.

by  Dean Kamen